006 – Voice Acting Journey Podcast (08.29.14) – Final Episode

by smorgprod-admin on 08/29/2014

micIt’s been over a year and a half since I last published a podcast episode.    I have received a great deal of feedback wondering what has happened with the show and after responding individually to each email received, I have decided that I should put out more of a formal announcement to the subscribers of this show.   As the title of this episode suggests, I have made the difficult decision to end this podcast series as well as my pursuit into a full-time voice acting career.   I spend the first 15 minutes of this episode explaining why it has taken me so long to put out new content and the events that led up to my decision to end this series and my voice acting journey.

The second part of this show is bonus content – my latest installment of SmorgShow Theater where my family, friends and I re-enact old-time radio dramas.   This time around we present Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Ravine’.   If you like what you hear, I encourage you to head over to SmorgShow.com and check out many of our other radio productions that we have included as an occasional feature of the SmorgShow Podcast.

Thanks to everyone who has checked out this show.   I hope I was able to be somewhat encouraging and informative for those who have decided to explore the world of voice acting.

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