SmorgShow Theater: “Sorry, Wrong Number”

by smorgprod-admin on 04/11/2015

SWN ArtworkFrom the Suspense Radio series, we bring to you a new re-enactment of 1943′s radio classic ‘Sorry, Wrong Number’, originally starring Agnes Moorehead and written by Lucille Fletcher.

Mrs. Stevenson is a spoiled, bedridden daughter of a millionaire. The telephone is her sole connection with the outside world. One day, while listening to what seems to be a crossed phone connection, she eavesdrops on two men planning a woman’s murder. Mrs. Stevenson calls the phone company and police, only to be ignored. Adding to her dilemma is the fact that her husband is missing.   After a number of phone calls, the terrorized Mrs. Stevenson begins to piece together the mystery.

The Cast:

  • Ally Bockay – Mrs. Stevenson
  • Chris Bockay – Man, George, Sergeant Martin
  • Kim Bockay – Operator, Chief Operator, Directory Assistance Operator, Hospital Operator
  • Anthony Luperini – Western Union Rep




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